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5 Signs that You are Addicted to Online Shopping

Okay, I’ll admit it: I love to shop online. Actually, I wouldn’t use the word “shop.” I guess I should use the word “browse,” because I never actually buy the clothes that I see on the internet. Rather, I simply enjoy scrolling through my favorite websites, which include,, and, mostly dreaming that I could afford their expensive clothes.

So it comes as a shock to me when I discovered that many of my friends can afford to be addicted to online shopping. Specifically, one of my friends scours the internet for at least two hours a day, and often ends up buying at least one beauty or clothing item every other day… The sad part is that I’m being completely serious! I have no idea how she affords to support this addiction… At the rate she goes online shopping, my bank account would be wiped out!

Below, I’ve compiled a list of five signs that you are addicted to online shopping… If at least three of these signs apply to you, I’m sorry to say that you are suffering from an online shopping addiction. Don’t worry too much though, your addiction is completely treatable!

One simple way to stop online shopping is to simply promise to go shopping in-person at the mall. This way, you won’t have access to clothing as often, as malls are typically a hassle to go to! (At least I think so.) A benefit of going shopping in person? You will have less clothing returns, as you will be able to try things on!

Another way to curb you online shopping addiction is to have a parent or friend check your credit card statements every month. This strategy is extremely helpful, as they can monitor how often you buy items online… Just be prepared for some scolding if you fall off the bandwagon!

Are you ready to take the addiction test? I hope you are… Ready, set, go, and good luck!

1. You browse through clothing sites every day

If you’re not a fashion writer like myself, this is definitely a sign that you have a problem! After all, browsing through sites often leads to the buying of something! It’s just too hard to resist!

2. Your parents scold you for spending too much money online

Even if your parents are frugal, this is a sign that you are addicted. They would probably only bring up your shopping habit if it was a serious problem, where you’re going overboard and surpassing your budget/allowance.

3. You save up your money to go shopping by not buying groceries

Um, you have to eat to survive, but apparently some of my friends believe that this is not the case. They would rather go hungry for a week and save up for that Coach purse! Yikes!

4. You never repeat outfits (for at least a month)

Those that are addicted to online shopping have overflowing closets, and often harbor a disdain for wearing the same outfit twice… Get over it! Everyone repeats outfits sometimes, including myself! Besides, no one is going to remember what outfit you wore at the beginning of the month unless they’re super, super weird…

5. You list “shopping” as one of your interests one facebook

Because a lot of people don’t fill out their interest section on fb anymore (at least normal people don’t), just pretend that you are filling it out now… If you say that shopping is an interest of yours, that probably means that you are way way into shopping. It’s especially a bad sign if shopping is the first hobby you list!

Well, that’s all folks! Like I said, if at least three of these signs apply to you, please seek help… IMMEDIATELY. And please admit to your addiction. After all, admittance is the first step in getting rid of any addiction! (I sound like your psychologist, right?) Haha! Good luck to those of you who have an addiction, and hopefully you will find a cure! : )


P.S.- I am being completely sarcastic throughout this article. If you are actually addicted to online shopping, I apologize for my sarcasm! Also, don’t worry if I “diagnosed” you with an addiction… You’re fine! You just love shopping is all!

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