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Jess Alba Makes the Street Her Runway!

If you’ve been following celebrity fashion lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed that Jessica Alba’s style has done a 360. A mom of two, she somehow manages to throw on a put-together outfit every day that will make any fashionista swoon! Just how does Jessica do it? The answer is simple: She pairs eclectic and contrasting clothing together. By combining pieces that may seem to “clash,” Jessica creates a surprising style that is unique to her. Want a signature style like this super fashionista? Take notes on the following outfits that the star dons on the street!

The concept may seem cheesy at first, but Jessica manages to pull off an American inspired ensemble with flair. Patterned pants are all the rage right now, so she’s spot on by incorporating star-studded jeans into her outfit.

Although it is hard for most people, Jess pulls off genie pants by pairing them with a simple tank and laid-back flip flops! P.S.- How adorable is her daughter Honor?!?

Jessica takes a risk by pairing a military jacket with a fur vest! This surprising and imaginative combination definitely earns her an A+ in star style!

With altered floral pants that fit her body perfectly, the actress looks slimming in a print that is typically unflattering. She definitely stands out by pairing the pants with a gradually fading trench.

Pictured here with her other daughter, Jessica pulls off a I-just-together-this-outfit-on-a-whim look perfectly! The color mint and black leather are definitely in right now, so she is right on trend!

Mixing patterns can be tricky, but Jessica knows how to do it perfectly! Just make sure that the prints share the same colors!

By wearing a fitted blazer with heels, Jessica dresses up a pair of jeans in a classy way. Her coordinating floral purse is a bonus!

Again, the star wears printed pants, and calls attention to their cute pattern by matching it with a single colored tank. P.S.- Her shoes are to die for!

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