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25 for Under $25!

Okay, so I admit that Forever 21 might not have the best quality clothing… But let’s be honest: They have the most stylish, up-to-date clothing and accessories. Their designers are always on top of the latest trends! Which is why I am in love with the store, and even more in love with their website, which offers a broader range of clothing items.

The best thing about Forever 21 is the fact that their clothing is completely affordable for us students in college! And so what if a shirt form the store frays at the bottom in the matter of weeks? The trend of the shirt will probably be out of style anyways! As they say, “out with the old and in with the new…” Fashion is constantly evolving and so is Forever 21’s merchandise!

Check out 25 of their cutest shirts below, which are all under $25! What a steal! All come from and the average price of each shirt is $18! Now that’s something to smile about!



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