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Oh What to Wear? Saturday Afternoon Date Edition!

In the perfect world, I would own the outfit above so that I could wear it out with my boyfriend… On every single one of our Saturday dates.

This ensemble is perfect for a walk in the park, shopping downtown, or sipping coffee at a cafe. It’s so versatile! What I like best about this outfit is its whimsical and girly feel. The multicolored butterfly dress is the epitome of femininity, and although I wouldn’t categorize myself as a “girly girl,” I think the dress is really flattering–on anyone.

My second favorite component of this outfit is the floppy navy hat! I think it’s unique because of the color. After all, most hats in this style come in black or chocolate brown–just look on Nasty Gal’s website.

The green shoes coordinate perfectly with the hat, as they are made from the same soft material! Very matchy-matchy if you ask me! But matchy-matchy can be a good thing since it shows that you’ve put thought into your outfit.

Looking at the prices of these pieces, I realize that some of them are more expensive, namely the dress and hat… But considering how inexpensive the accessories are (the shoes are just $20!), I’d say the splurge is definitely worth it! After all, a clothing splurge every once in a while isn’t too bad, right?

Want to buy the outfit above? Here are the websites they come from:

Floppy hat:


Butterfly Dress:

Rose Earrings:

Pink Purse:

Green Shoes:

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