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October Coats that You’ll Love!

As the leaves begin to fall off the branches, mother nature is making her transition from fall to winter… And you know what that means: It’s time to buy a new jacket!

The month of October calls for a lighter jacket that doesn’t scream “wintertime,” which puts us fashionistas in a tough spot… So many stores carry either paper thin fall jackets or puffy goose-down winter ones, when in reality we need something in-between.

While scouring the internet for a new coat, I cam across, and to my delight they carry the perfect October coat! Why are their coats so great? Firstly, all of them are long-sleeved and go past the waist, which will keep you warm from the wind. Secondly, the material itself is lighter so that you won’t be sweating up a storm when the sun is out!

All seven of the jackets pictured above come from and are of great quality. The only slight downside to these jackets are their price, where many of them cost around $100. Don’t write these jackets off yet though– their quality means that they will last for years, so they make a good investment. Furthermore, the jackets I have selected have a timeless style to them– all of them have a neutral color except for the maroon one.

I specifically decided to feature the maroon one because all of you T-Swift fans will be excited to know that she owns one exactly like it:

When buying any one of these coats, take a style hint from Taylor and pair the jacket with a pair of cute boots! The boots Taylor is wearing are especially cute because they are two-toned and have both leather and woven material. It’s a big fashion trend right now that you should try out… With a topshop coat of course!

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