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$6.99 and Under Clearance Items at Urban Outfitters!

I love a great sale, and I know you do too! Check out the gallery below, which features six of the cutest clearance items that Urban Outfitters’s website is selling for $6.99 or less… And that’s no typo– it’s all really that cheap! All I can say is get your credit card ready…

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Sandals: These $6.99 psychedelic sandals are super cute and are a good investment for summers to come. Buy now!

Fedora: This $6.99 hat isn’t your typical Fedora: It has cute feathers that wrap around the band, making it extremely unique. Buy now!

Star Earrings: Who cares that it’s not the Fourth of July? For $4.99, I’m going to display my American pride everyday! Buy now!

Triangle Earrings: These triangular studs are adorable and have an Aztec feel to them! Priced at just $4.99, they’ll compliment any outfit. Buy now!

Shoes: $6.99 for a pair of Urban Outfitter shoes?!? Yeah, I knew you’d have the same reaction. Buy now!

Sunglasses: Look pretty in pink with these retro sunglasses that only cost $4.99! Buy now!

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