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Celeb Look of the Week

I just had to share with everyone this latest look from actress Ginnifer Goodwin. She looks absolutely fabulous in this sparkling emerald dress, and keeps the attention on it by deciding not to wear any competing jewelry…. She’s a smart one. Additionally, she keeps her make-up minimal, where she is wearing nude gloss and no eye shadow.

With her over-the-top lashes, it seems as if she’s trying to channel the popular fashion and modeling icon Twiggy. Twiggy was known for her shift dresses and beautiful big eyes… Just like Ginnifer! All I can say is that I’m relieved that our modern day Twiggy has some meat on her! Twiggy was way to skinny, and I think after seeing this picture, you’d agree:

Thank gosh we have healthy fashion role models like Ginnifer around these days!

What do you think of the actress’ Twiggy-inspired outfit? Would you wear a dress like hers, or is too loud for your personal style? Leave me a comment!




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