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How to Pull Off the New Skull Trend (Without Looking Like a Pirate)

It’s pretty obvious that skulls have invaded the world of fashion. They appear everywhere, where they’re printed on everything from blouses to pants. (Yes, I’ve seen pants with a skull pattern, and to be honest, they were a bit gaudy.)

Overall, the skull trend can be difficult to pull off, especially for those of us who are girly or like classic fashion. I’ll admit that skulls are not my favorite trend this year, but I’ve challenged myself to incorporate them into my wardrobe via jewelry. I have a turquoise bracelet made of skull heads, similar to the gold one pictured above. I think the turquoise helps tone down the edginess of the scary skulls and makes it much more approachable- so if you’re weary of wearing skulls, I recommend that you wear colorful skulls. An alternative is to also wear skulls that are made with a romantic pattern, like the flower and heart skull cut-off I’ve featured.

My favorite skull item that I’ve chosen to feature above is undoubtedly the watch, as the skull in the center is so unexpected. The skull is extremely subtle, yet gives the diamond-encrusted watch a touch of edginess. I really believe that this watch would look great with almost any outfit, even dressier ones!

I also love the white and black skull blouse that is in the right bottom of the picture. It’s incredibly stylish, yet laid back, and I love how the model pairs it with simple black jeans and a messy bun. Tucking in the right side of the blouse is the final perfect touch!

Finally, how comfy does the grey skull sweater look? I’m such a sucker for sweaters, so I just had to feature this one. I think the sweater would look great paired with a leather mini or jeans if you’re looking for a lax look. Add some color to the outfit by wearing the colorful bracelet I’ve also pictured… But be careful to not add anything else with a skull on it, or you’ll be on overload! No one wants to look like a pirate after all.

Basically my number one tip for wearing a skull pattern is to pair it with girly accessories or clothing items. This way you’ll still look feminine and stay away from that “motorcycle chic” look.


Good luck incorporating this trend into your wardrobe,



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