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The Perfect Shoe You Need NOW

It may seem to be an impossible feat, but I’ve done it: I’ve found the perfect shoe.

Unsurprisingly, you can find the shoe at the stylish, and it is pictured above. Don’t you agree that it’s absolutely the most chic boot you’ve ever seen?!? (If you disagree with me, I’m sorry, but something is wrong with you.)

As I’m sure you know, boots are really in right now, especially low boots that come to the ankle. Boots in this style that are tan in color are typically flattering to legs of any shape, as they lengthen your legs and appear to make them look at least a couple inches longer. The heel found on my perfect shoe also help define the muscles in you calves– and that’s something to smile about!

What I love most about the shoes above is that it has contrasting materials. The sparkly gold adds some flair to the shoe, and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. The fact that there is only a little sparkles on the shoe makes it so that it doesn’t appear too gaudy or New Years Eve-y. There is nothing worse than looking like you’re celebrating this holiday in October. Yikes!

These beautiful boots can spice up any outfit and looks best with a pair of dark skinny jeans. Additionally, they look great when paired with black satin shorts or a skirt– a trend that is really in right now. I would suggest not wearing a sparkly dress however, as you may be a bit too blinding, and nobody wants that. I think a little sparkle, like a gold belt, is totally fine though!

What article of clothing would you pair with these boots? Use your imagination and let me know in a comment below!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts,


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