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Celeb Fashion Bloopers of the Week

Whether they’re hitting the streets or the red carpet, the stars always strive to hit the high note when it comes to fashion… Unfortunately, the following stars fell a little flat this week:

Let’s just say that sequins are a major no-no for anyone over the age of 30. If anything, they age Carmen Electra by at least 10 years.

Although the singer usually has a wonderful fashion sense, who knows what she was thinking when she got dressed in this outfit. Hello leopard overload!

Cropped jeans may be in, but floods are definitely not.

I usually admire Jessica Biel’s fashion sense, but not in this case. She’s channeling “Little House on the Prairie” here…

Like Gwen, Jessie J is experiencing a pattern overload. The pattern itself is fine, but too much of it can simply ruin an outfit.

Kim looks like she’s guest starring on “Glee” with this Letterman jacket. Plus, it appears to be a little small on her. For those of you who want to try out a similar jacket, pick out one that meets the waist.

Ay yay yay– It probably comes as no surprise that Madonna has managed to make this list. Her dress length is way inappropriate for her age, and by now, you’d think she’d be over the leather gloves

The main problem with this outfit is the skirt.. It’s just way too busy!

Pants with two different leg patterns? Don’t count on this being a future trend…

Which look is your least favorite and how would you fix the star’s outfit? Leave me a comment below!



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