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The Perfect Lazy Sunday Outfit

Go to another blog, and a fashion guru may tell you that the “perfect Sunday outfit” is a dress paired with heels. Ummmm can you say unrealistic?

That’s why I’ve assembled the outfit above– because it’s actually something that the average girl would wear on a Sunday afternoon. After all Sundays are meant for lounging around, watching the latest episode of your favorite show. (The Mindy Project, anyone???) Oh, and I suppose Sundays are good study days, even though I absolutely hate doing homework…

The outfit above is seriously one of my favorite Polyvore outfits I have ever designed, mostly because it’s super comfy and it’s the sort of outfit I wish I could wear everyday.

The striped sweatshirt is baggy but really up-to-date with its sideways pocket zipper, I also love the fact that it incorporates the mint color, which is one of the most popular hues right now.

I’ve paired this cute sweatshirt with loose-fitting genie pants that has a little more structure. Did you notice that expandable waste material? Score!

I realize that TOMS may be “out of style” but I must admit that I still love them… No one can deny how comfy they are and how easily they match any outfit..

Finally, the hat adds the perfect finishing touch for this outfit. It has such a relaxing, yet cool vibe and reminds me of the beach. Oh how much I wish I were there right now…

So what do you wear on a lazy Sunday? And outfit like the one above? Leave me a comment and let me know!



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One comment on “The Perfect Lazy Sunday Outfit

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