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How To: Recycle Your Summer Dresses

When the temperature fell down to the low 60s in Nashville, I tore apart my closet, taking all of my shorts, tanks, dresses, and other summer gear off of their hangers. I threw them all into a big pile, somewhat lamenting at the fact that I wouldn’t be able to wear my favorite sundresses for another nine months.

I started to hang up my wooly sweaters, jackets, and knit dresses when it hit me: There was no big difference between my “winter” dresses and “summer” dresses. I suppose the biggest difference between the two was the fact that my summer dresses were more colorful and patterned, but other than that… Nada.

So I’ve started pairing my summer dresses with practically every pair of jeans in my closet to give me that Emma Watson look:

(Okay, so I’m not the biggest fan of this outfit, as it’s way too black, but you get the idea.) When it comes to daring style, Emma’s sure got it covered.

Notice that Emma’s dress still gives her shape, as it is tight at the waist. That’s an important “do” when it comes t wearing dresses with pants… After all, you don’t want to look frumpy, now do you? In order to maintain your hourglass shape, pair your summer dress with a belt, like the blue polka-dot dress pictured above.

Also, consider pairing a scarf with your dress in order to give it a more winter-y look. Knit scarves especially look appropriate for winter, plus they’re practical because they keep you warm! Score! I recommend that you steer clear of big floral prints or pastel colors though, as your outfit will scream “summer!” and look totally out of place.

If you have a dress that you wore all summer, give a new look to it by pairing it with a statement necklace. Tip: Check out Urban Outfitters’ website! They have great jewelry in their clearance section!

When it comes to the pants you pair your dress with, remember that simple is best. You want to draw attention to the dress, so a colored pair of jeans or patterned pants may be too much… But who knows? Fashion rules are meant to be broken sometimes, as Emma Watson has demonstrated above… And that’s another reason why I adore her! (Doesn’t everybody?)

So what do you think of pairing dresses with pants? Would you consider trying this trend yourself? Let me know folks!



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