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Stars that Wowed in White This Week

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It may be an odd time of the season to wear white, but celebs have been hitting the red carpet wearing white hot dresses! From Ashley Greene to Sienna Miller, everyone is loving this stand-out trend.

To adopt this trend into your own everyday style, consider wearing a short white dress that is adorned with lace like Keirnan Shipka. Or even stick to a white lace top if you are weary of trying out this trend. To make it more appropriate for the chilly fall weather, pair your white clothing article with darker colors like chocolate brown or dark blue skinnies. Riding boots would also give you a fall look too! Check out the boots below, which are from

Priced at $170, they are a bit pricey, but maybe you could save up some moola to buy them? I suppose a splurge is okay every once in a while, especially if the product is of great quality and can be worn often…

So tell me: Would you consider wearing a white dress in the fall? If so, what fall clothing items would you pair it with? Can’t wait to hear your responses!




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