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Black Versus Gold


The world of fashion has always pitted black against gold, but my question is this: Why choose between the two hues? Wear them both!

This season, designers have united the two colors to create a mega-cool, sleek style. Now is the time to incorporate black and gold into your own wardrobe, as the contrasting colors can give an edge to any outfit.

For those of you who are weary of the trend, try out a simple piece of jewelry that incorporates black with gold, like this leopard bangle… Or try on a pair of earrings that fall into this color category; black stones paired with gold is really popular in the jewelry sphere right now.

Also, if you would rather take it slow with this trend, first try buying a black piece of clothing that has a gold zipper. A purchase like this will allow you to mull over the whole combination.

If you’re fired up and ready to hop aboard the black and gold trend, stand out by incorporating some sparkle! News alert: Glitter is no longer just for the holiday season! A sequined purse or tank can jazz up any Saturday going out outfit.

Interested in knowing more about any of the clothing items featured above? Comment on this post! I must warn you though: Some of these pieces are pretty to look at and pretty pricey.

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