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The Perfect Sorority Rush Outfit

As the end of the semester approaches, female college students are preparing for one of the biggest moments of their college career: rush.

If you’re rushing this year, you’re probably wondering how to make the best impression possible. After all, you want to get a bid from a sorority that has girls you truly like and fit in with.

One way to make a great impression is to wear an outfit that is not only appropriate for the occasion, but also cute. Looking well put together will help you give off a sophisticated yet approachable vibe. Plus it may help you feel more confident during the interview process!

So when it comes to choosing your outfit, remember the following:

  1. Dress true to yourself. Don’t try to put on a face, because you may end up in a sorority that isn’t a good match for you!
  2. Look put together. It shows that you care about yourself and the entire rush process.
  3.  Dress conservatively. Please don’t wear a tee with a deep v-neck or short shorts- you may give the girls a wrong impression!
  4. Wear comfortable shoes. Opt to wear flats because you never know how long you’ll have to stand throughout the day.
  5. Wear a watch. It will help you keep track of time and allow you to know how long to talk with each girl.

Remember these five fashion tips and you’ll be ready to have a successful rush! Just be sure to remain clam when it comes to picking out your outfit; after all, a good attitude and personality is way more important than what you wear. Good luck with rush 2013!

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