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Get The Celeb Look of the Week!

Lauren Conrad stepped out in this gorgeous Yoana Baraschi number this week for the signing of her new book, Starstruck. Can we all agree that she looks absolutely stunning?

Instead of opting for the traditional white lace dress, Lauren chooses this mustard yellow hue, adding a hint of sunshine to her outfit! Notice how the color is darker yellow, and not bright yellow; by choosing this darker end of the spectrum, Lauren still pulls off a bright, summery color during the fall season.

Also notice how Lauren lets her dress take center stage by wearing minimal accessories and makeup. No rings or necklaces seen here- and that’s a good thing! In addition to no jewelry, the stylish star keeps it simple by wearing her hair down and pinned back.

Finally, she wears nude Aldo shoes to complete her look. The tan color perfectly compliments her skin tone, and is the perfect way to create the illusion of longer legs. (By the way, how awesome is it that she shops at affordable shoe stores like us?? True fashionistas should take a hint from Lauren and realize that true fashion is that art of combining high-end and lower-end, more reasonably priced clothing!)

If you’re a fan of Lauren’s look check out the dress below! It’s from and costs a mere $19. I’d say that’s a pretty great deal for such a stylish dress! Buy it here now, there are only a few left in stock as of today!

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