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Try it Now: Brocade Clothing


In the past, it may have been worn by just grandmas, but I’m here to tell you that brocade clothing is now a hot trend for us younger 20-something women… And that’s good news!

A brocade finish is the perfect way to jazz up any article of clothing, namely your “dress up” clothing that you wear to work and special events. The shiny paisley design on this type of clothing also gives off a fun vibe that is perfect for going downtown on a Friday night.

When you try this popular trend, consider buying a top or blazer, which are two very versatile pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down. Both jeans and a pair of black dress pants look great with brocade! For a more subtle look, buy a pair of black pants that incorporates silver paisley- it won’t scream “I’m trying to be flashy!”

It may be surprising, but wooden accessories look great with the brocade look. Who knows why, but for some reason they just look so good together. So load on your wooden bangles and strap on your wooden platforms! If you’re lucky enough to find one, also wear a wooden-inspired purse. Luckily, I’ve already found a cute clutch that is made of wood for you!

One last piece of advice: Don’t overload on shiny accessories when you’re wearing brocade material… It will just be an overload, and may make you look tacky!

So what do you think of the brocade look? Do you plan on trying it out? Leave me a comment below!


P.S.- Want to buy the outfit featured above? Tell me via a comment, and I’ll give you the info on where to buy it!



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