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What I Love Now: Yellow Neon!


For those of you who like to wear bold clothes that match your bold personality, I have some great news for you: Neon yellow is the new black!

That’s right: neon yellow is popping up everywhere in the fashion sphere, and designers are a huge fan of the color… So you should be too!

Incorporating the color into your wardrobe is extremely easy, as all stores from Forever 21 to Nasty Gal carry clothing and accessories in this color.

One primary reason why I’m so in love with this color is that it is totally unique; it will give any outfit that extra flair that’s sure to attract attention wherever you go. Even if you’re just wearing jewelry that incorporates neon yellow, the splash of color will dramatically change the overall tone of your style. Neon yellow screams “fun,” “adventurous,” and “trendy!” Now who doesn’t want to fit that description?

You might want to start off slow with this trend, as it may be a big change from your typical everyday style. First, try wearing a bold neon necklace this Friday or Saturday night. As soon as you feel that you can confidently wear this small accessory, move your way up towards buying the ultimate neon yellow clothing article: a skirt or dress. How adorable is the skirt featured above?!? (It’s a steal, where it costs just $25!)

Two colors that perfectly compliment neon yellow are black and neon pink. If you’re feeling extremely adventurous, I’d say pair your neon yellow dress with hot pink flats. On the other hand, if you’re not feeling as adventurous, stick with a neutral, plain color like black…. Or maybe even grey. It’s up to you!

One final suggestion: If you’re weary of donning this bold color, try pairing it with old, comfortable clothing items that you feel confident in. Love your graphic band tee? Pair it with a chunky neon necklace or cute neon blazer.

Want the look above? Here is some info on the featured clothing items and accessories:

Buy it now!

Black Blouse:



Ring: (Warning: It’s expensive!)



One comment on “What I Love Now: Yellow Neon!

  1. yousefdesign
    October 18, 2012

    cool !

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