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Snuggle Up In This Fall Outfit!

Snuggle Up In This Fall Outfit!


I’ve officially accepted it: The warm and sunny Nashville weather is gone. Unfortunately, taking its place is the dreary fall weather. (Although I must admit that the weather has been pretty nice the past couple of days! Yay for 60-something degree weather!)

As you start shopping for your fall wardrobe, I recommend that you begin the whole process by buying the season’s ultimate style staple: A comfy sweater.

Comfort should be one of your number-one priorities when it comes to picking out your clothes. (At least I think so! Who wants to be uncomfortable all day?) That’s why the baggy, comfy sweater trend is so perfect for us fashionistas!

When wearing a sweater like this, avoid the frumpy old lady look by pairing it with more structured pants. Skinny jeans always look great and match the laid-back vibe that the sweater gives off.

To dress up the sweater, add a fun touch by wearing hat. Brown and black hats with flat brims are really “in” right now, and Nasty Gal is selling a bunch of them right now… And if Nasty Gal carries hats like these, you know they have to be trendy.

If you’re looking to dress up the sweater even more, wear a cute pair of heeled booties. Booties that come in earthy tones like gray, black, and brown will instantly give your outfit a more fall look.

With jewelry, all I can say is keep it simple. Blingy, sparkly jewelry really clashes with a fuzzy sweater.

Do you love the outfit I’ve assembled above? Would you consider incorporating the native-inspired sweater into your own wardrobe? Leave me a comment folks!


P.S. The sweater retails at $32 and is from

P.S.S. Have a question about where any of the clothing above comes from? Leave me a comment and I’ll let you know!

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