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Look Pretty In Pink This Fall

I’m typically not a fan of pink, but when it comes to this outfit, let’s just say that the hue is pretty perfect.

Let your inner girly-girl come out with the sheinside cable knit sweater above. The bow collar adds an extra touch of uniqueness to the clothing item, so chances are you aren’t going to see another girl in your ECON100 class wearing it too.

If you’re going to be donning such a sweater, my advice is to go all out. That’s right: pile on all those pink accessories you’ve had since you were five. So dig through your jewelry box and pull out that rose-adorned ring and rose pearl bracelet.

Look extra ladylike by completing your outfit with the perfect box purse. A quilted Chanel-inspired one is great, especially considering how many knock-offs are out there… Hello Chinatown!

So I want to know your thoughts. How would you accessorize this pretty pink sweater? Would you tone down the pink hue or play it up like me? As always, leave me a comment!


Buy it now!

Bow Sweater:

Gray Purse:

Pointed Flats:

Pink Stone Bracelet:

Cropped Jeans:

Rose Ring:

2 comments on “Look Pretty In Pink This Fall

  1. tonishab
    November 1, 2012

    I like your blog, but some of the links don’t work when I try to look at a certain item.

    • Jessica- Vanderbilt
      November 1, 2012

      So sorry to hear that! I will be checking my links from now on : ) Thanks for the feedback!

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